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What does Marion Jones do for a living?

What does Marion Jones do today?

Now 46 years old, Jones lives in a suburb north of Austin, Texas, where she runs her own business and is a personal trainer with Camp Gladiator, a workout program and movement headquartered in Austin, according to KXAN.

How much money did Marion Jones make?

Marion Jones Net Worth: Marion Jones is an American gold medalist and former professional athlete who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

Where does Marion Jones live?

Austin, Texas

Jones lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Obadele Thompson, and their three children: Monty, Amir and Eva-Marie.

What did Marion Jones do?

Marion Jones, (born October 12, 1975, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), American athlete, who, at the 2000 Olympic Games, became the first woman to win five track-and-field medals at a single Olympics. In 2007, however, she admitted to having used banned substances and subsequently returned the medals.

Did Marion Jones lose her medals?

Jones pleaded guilty in 2008 to lying to federal investigators about her use of performance-enhancing drugs. The I.O.C. executive board stripped the gold medals of Jones and her teammates in the 4×400-meter relay in 2000, as well as the bronze medals in the 4×100-meter relay.

What steroid is known as the clear?

Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), known by the nickname The Clear, is a synthetic and orally active anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) which was never marketed for medical use. It was developed by Patrick Arnold and was used by a number of high-profile athletes such as Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, and Dwain Chambers.

What is Usain Bolt net worth?

around $90 million

He has an unofficial record in the 150 meters. The proud owner of eight Olympic golds and 19 Guinness World Records, Usain Bolt has turned speed into a highly lucrative franchise. According to CelebrityNetWorth’s estimate, Usain Bolt’s net worth is around $90 million.

Do they reuse Olympic stadiums?

The first city in the world to host both Summer and Winter Olympic Games (), Beijing has been able to reuse many of its iconic sporting venues.

Who was Marion Jones first husband?

C. J. Hunter

INSIDE a packed hotel conference room in Sydney, Australia, with the 2000 Summer Games under way, Marion Jones held the thick hand of her husband, C. J. Hunter, a gruff Bluto in a black T-shirt, before he puddled up in tears. I’m innocent, Hunter cried. I stand by him, Marion declared.

How long did Marion Jones serve?

2008 —, 2008 — In the end, Marion Jones could not outrun her own lies. Federal Judge Kenneth M. Karas sentenced the disgraced gold medalist to six months in prison and two years of supervised release on Friday. She will also be required to perform 800 hours of community service.

Why was Marion Jones Stripped?

All of Marion Jones’ results dating to September 2000, including her Olympic and world championship titles, were annulled Friday because of doping. Track and field’s governing body also told her to return her estimated $700,000 in prize money from that period.

What was Marion Jones fastest time?

Jones holds a personal best time of 10.65, which she ran in 1998 — still the fastest in nearly 13 years. The last time someone ran faster was in 1988 when Florence Griffith-Joyner set the world record at 10.49. Despite the slow time, Jones won the race over a strong field and said she was happy overall.

Which Olympian was stripped of medals?

List of stripped Olympic medals

Olympics Athlete Event
1988 Summer Olympics Ben Johnson Athletics, Men’s 100 m
Andor Szanyi Weightlifting, Men’s 100 kg
Kerrith Brown Judo, Men’s 71 kg
1992 Summer Olympics Ibragim Samadov Weightlifting, Men’s 82.5 kg (X, Z)

What Olympic runner died?

Three-time track and field Olympian Deon Lendore died in a car crash at the age of 29 on Monday. Texas A&M announced Lendore, who was a volunteer assistant coach for his alma mater’s track and field team, crashed as he was driving home from practice.

Did Flo Jo have a child?

When she died, her daughter Mary Ruth Joyner was only seven-year-old but now she is herself a mother. In the late 80s, Florence Griffith-Joyner was a force tough to compete with. She was simply unstoppable on the track.